UK Census website

Like all households in the UK, we got a letter recently about the 2021 census. Carried out every 10 years since 1801 (with the exception of 1941 for obvious reasons), it provides a remarkable record of the make-up of the UK population.

BBC’s Grenfell Tower Inquiry Podcast

More than 130 episodes in (and counting…), BBC’s The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Podcast makes for compelling listening.

A pile of books

Primal Scream’s Screamadelia album cover

Many of you will have watched The Social Dilemma since its arrival on Netflix at the end of August.

CC Image via Flickr: Mario Lurig

Imagine the following scenario: you’re walking down the street and something about a shop intrigues you, so you head through the door.

CC image via flickr: Sagar

A friend’s daughter is moving school and, over the summer, told her group of friends from the old school she was moving.

Bad day
CC image via Flickr

We all have bad days. The ones where you sleep through the alarm. When the traffic’s awful or your train’s cancelled. When you get to work to discover you’re wearing completely mismatched clothes.

I recently realised I’ll have been working for 25 years this summer, which caused me to reflect.

Apparently, the UK Government is set to offer guidance on how we sleep. It’s about time they woke up to the sleep issue.

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